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Who we are?

Military, technology, financial experts and top level programmers are the basis of our working teams. Our teams are dedicated to the different domains se support and provide explicit services

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What we do?

Objectively integrate enterprise-wide strategic projects with functionalized infrastructures. Interactively support planning, training, educational and technology activities

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How we are working?

Fast, Effecctivelly, Efficiently. Using all electronic means to get the projects, analyse them, plan the optimal solutions and give them back as solutions that make our customers happy

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Our main challenge is the future
We are building the tools of tomorrow

Our development team is working hard to embody proceduresand proccesses to innovative applications that will make our lives easier and our work faster and much more effective. Game Theory, Dynamic Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Constructive Simulation are the major pilars to our service oriented applications for the all the domains we serve.

  • e-Training Capabilties.
  • Integrated Simulation Tools.
  • Exercises Planning & Support Software.
  • Computer Assisted Exercises.
  • Smart Defence Solutions.
  • MEDIA Cooperation Tools.
  • Defence Products Distribution.
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MSETT Experts

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    Supported CAX

    We have supported with our experts a remarkable amount of Computer assisted Exercises.

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    Military Trainings

    We have trained over 1200 military professionals from over 20 countries worldwide.

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    Supported Events

    Our experts have paricipated in a remarkable number of training, educational and simulation events.

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Our expertise spans across applied simulation for military, security, healthcare and intelligence. We work under a dynamic system of media and online services as well as we provide executive services for national, international and private organizations worldwide. MSETT also represents a set of military and security oriented innovative products and solutions.

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  • Konstantinos S. Tsiakalos

MSETT Services

MSETT main pilar are its experts. We have developed a wide network of professionals serving the main domains of our activities either as partners or as our personnel. MSETT is able to support projects fast and effective as we are working over an innovative business model based on cutting edge technology tools. We are ready to face any requirement, as hard as it may be!

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Military Domain
Training and Planning Events - Projects Support

A wide network of ex military personnel with vast experience in all military fields, such as Operational Planners, Intelligence, Grey Cells Experts, Mentors and Special Ops are ready to work for international, national and private customers worldwide transfering their knowledge and experience to militarty personnel.

Simulation - CAX
Integrated Similation Services - Training Support

MSETT is the only company worldwide offering Computer Assisted Exercises (CAX) experts that can support a CAX from the planning phase up to the After Action Review. Experts that may use and administrate almsot all known simulation models, having a remarkable experience from NATO exercises, are ready to work in global projects. All our CAX experts own valid EU-NATO SECRET security clearence.

Education & Technology
Cutting Edge Technology Innovative solutions for Educational Projects

Our online and on sight training services provide unique and innovative solutions for operational and technical personnel that is involved in military, security, healthcare, cyber and simulation domains. Multilevel and multidomain vocational training is offered to support proffesionals that wish to walk on the path of tech progress and future achievements. We always continue to further develop all our training tools to meet evry requirement that may come to us!

Defence Products Distribution
Representating Unique and Innovative Defence Systems

MSETT's international network of partners and associates is offering a set of comprehensive services for defence projects as well as case studies that support decision making procedures regarding defence systems and their effectiveness under cerain circumstances. Defence products, military equipment, defence software and holistic simulation solutions are some of MSETT's represenation contracts that give us the chance to work in the highest level of military technology.

Running Projects

NATO Exercises Support
On Going Project
Online Planning Platform
Close to End Project
CAX Management Software
Close to End Project
e-training Platform Development
Close to End Project
Media Coordination Training
On Going Project
Financial Coordination Tools
On Going Project

For joining MSETT's international projects you can share your CV by clicking the button beside.
Via our partner NGC AS, a Norwegin company that support NATO - EU projects, we can evaluate your CV and get back to you within 5 business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't have time to loose. Our model is based on a technical and modern methodology which receives, proccess and returns the requested solutions via secure online channels. MSETT Services business model uses a set of web applications to support our customers needs and provide all required information regarding our products and services.

It's easy. Use our online platform to see what is related to your business content. If you are willing to work with us just send a request and we will be with you within 24 hours with our answer and all needed documents for starting our collaboration.

MSETT Services use ex military personnel for many of its projects that are related to the military domain. The only thing you have to do is to share your CV with us together with a sort description of your capabilities by filling the on line form in Create Your Resume

Any kind of project that is relevant to MSETT's business model. Usually we are contracting either companies or individuals to work with us via the most simple, secure and transparent contracting documentation supported by our legal department.

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Latest News & Updates

A New Approach for Battle Captains Training in CAX

The Battle Captains role and contribution to Computer Assisted Exercises has become unclear and confusing because of the lack of specific training. It is now a necessity to review both their roles and their training.

Strategic Level and Battle Staff Training

At the highest level of military training the services from contracting companies to major international organizations such as NATO, have to be implemented by providing significant added value.

Innovative Technologyfor Military Applications

Leading technology in military equipment is not a matter of price but it is rather a matter of smart solutions and collaborative models.